Long-term Partnerships for Long-Term Impact


Inuit in Inuktitut: ᐃᓄᐃᑦ means ‘people’. Hunters and craftsmen by tradition, they are one of the most gentle, generous and heart warming people. For the most part of the year, their land is covered in snow and ice. Their houses sit on permafrost. Weather conditions are often unpredictable. Cut off from road access, the only means to get there is via planes. Life can often prove to be hard in the communities. 

In the midst of this, Aaqitauvik Healing Centre is a beacon of hope in the north. Through training, healing workshops, conferences and seminars the healing centre aims to develop, empower and maintain a strong Inuit community (http://www.aaqitauvik.ca). It has made a transformative impact in the communities and have gained recognition by Corrections Canada. 

Amecet is privileged to be a part of AHC’s work in Salluit. Topics covered have been generational lines, relational bonds, forgiveness, abuse and trauma, shame/rejection, anger, identity, the finished work of cross and the Father’s heart. We also held personal counselling appointments in addition to the workshops. 


After many short terms trips starting in 2006, Adrian resided in Uganda full time in 2014. After one year Adrian recognized the dependance the local community now had on him (See full story here). He began to see the importance of breaking the mindset of the locals from that of a victim to thinking like that of victors and conquerors. 

Adrian focused on identifying core leaders who caught the vision of self-sustainability and then equipped them in leadership principles and authentic relationships to the maturing of their character. This in turn changes their identify from victims to victors who are talented and capable.


The Amecet Uganda Schools of Ministry are now self-governed, self-administrated and locally supported by churches and communities. The Amecet Leadership Team of Uganda is currently carrying the work of pastoring the schools.

Adrian also began the implementation of business models for rural pastors. Currently there are 4 successful pastors who are entrepreneurs. In turn, they are able to support their families and pastors who cannot afford the Amecet Uganda School of Ministry. On top of this, one of them have begun a project in Gulu, Uganda that supplies widows with agriculture and training. The goal is to equip them to be self-sufficient. 


We have seen healing in marriages of leaders, healing in their personal life from wounds and trauma which majority of Ugandans stuggle with. Now, the local communities are seeking counsel from our leaders because dysfunctional marriage is a major issue in the nation, even in the churches. Specifically, in Uganda, we started to see the denominational leadership recognize for the first-time female leaders in their church communities. Today, pastors are more equipped to pastorally care for their people and community, especially taking in widows and orphans into their families. 


In Taiwan and Malaysia, Adrian has had the opportunity to focus on raising up leaders and bridging the gap between generations.

Beginning in November 2016, Adrian taught week long sessions on belief systems and strongholds, transformation through the renewing of the mind, personal change identifying ungodly beliefs, and steps to create a new habit of thinking. Participants were of all ages from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan, and China. 

Currently Amecet is further developing these relationships with plans to partner again in the future.


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