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The Power of Choice - Adrian Wi

Our mind is the biggest battlefield. We can encounter God supernaturally and still not change the way we think. Though the Hebrew slaves celebrated when they were liberated from Egypt, their strongholds were still bound to 400 years of bondage. One victory does not guarantee the next victory, our choices do. What we consistently choose in accordance with our spirit will determine where we go next. It progressively rewrites the old with the new until our entirety is the revelation of God. That is the outworking of life in the Spirit.

This book attempts to address the challenges that comes with this process. Why do we keep going in circles? How do we walk from glory to glory? How do we make right choices?

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The Stoplight Approach - Cherilyn Orr

The Stoplight Approach gives the framework and skills for a parent’s own self-awareness, teaches how to understand your children’s actions, and it gives you the tools to parent them in a way that meets their need for discipline, love, and safety. Though there are many styles of parenting, the Stoplight Approach allows parents to integrate their style of parenting within the framework of three simple colours: Red, yellow, and Green.


How do you get your home from chaotic to peaceful, from aggressive to calm, from Red to Green? Being a Stoplight parent is not the same as allowing your child to do whatever they want, but it is training in the context of relationship, and relationship always trumps behaviour.

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The Stoplight Approach for Teens, The Stoplight Approach for Children,

The Stoplight Approach: Connecting The Bible & The Brain

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Coming Home to the Fathers Heart - Donna Parachin

A word from Donna...

"Coming Home to the Father's Heart is a professional quality live recording taken of me, (unknowingly), while I was spontaneously praying and leading others through the journey of the prodigal son back to the Father's heart. It is an unusual recording in that what is captured on this CD is truly a unique 'God moment'. It is spontaneously in words and inspirational music. It is unrehearsed. And it is sealed with a powerful touch of the Holy Spirit that gives voice to the healing love and unconditional acceptance of the Father's heart for all of His children, including yourself - whatever the circumstances of your life may be. I am genuinely both grateful and humbled to in some small way have been used by God to share such a gentle and intimate message from the Father's heart to your own. It is His special grace gift to you, and is expressed in the title, it will truly be used by the Spirit to bring you closer to God by bringing you home to the Father's Heart!"

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Let The Warriors Arise - Donald Boyd

Let the Warriors Arise isn't just for warriors, but it is a call for every Christian to walk in the identity and destiny that is theirs in Christ.  The program and purpose of God is to restore all that was lost because of sin - that includes each of His children.  This is the main theme of all of Biblical account and runs from Genesis through the Book of Revelation.  For our own sakes and for that of the world, it is imperative that the believers in Christ rise up to walk in all that God has for them.  It's time! 

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