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Bring the ideas and teachings of Amecet to your community! Adrian travels nationally and internationally to community groups. Enter your info below to request more information.


This ministry has been made possible through financial partners that are walking the journey with us. We are always looking for others to come on board. If you would like to join us, please click the DONATE button below. Thank you!


Short-term missions has become very popular in the Western culture. In error, many people spend thousands of dollars travelling abroad without researching and understanding the harmful effects a team could cause to the local community they are entering. We can do betterAmecet sees the value in building relationship and understanding the root issues before entering any community. We also understand the importance of being fully prepared for cultural changes before you go.

We have developed a Short Term Missions package for you and your team, and can also connect you with a local team in various areas if appropriate. Our primary focus is on Leadership Training, Business Development, and Kids Programs, among other topics


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